Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrities: Larger Than Life And Larger Than Life Letdowns

First I have to preface this blog by putting in a couple of disclaimers:

One: I am a fulltime working actor in Hollywood, California. I make my living, pay my bills and support myself through acting, directing, stage managing, casting, dancing, singing, writing, doing publicity, whatever in entertainment. I am very lucky and honored that I don't have to work a "real job" and can do what I love and what I've always wanted for a living.

Two: I am not famous or a celebrity. While I do have a fanbase and am a little bit well known I can still walk down the street without being mobbed.

Three: I am not a huge Britney Spears fan. There are only a handful of songs I like.

Tonight I went and saw Britney Spears' Femme Fatale concert at The Stables Center in LA with two of my roommates. My one roommate is a huge Britney Spears fans. He has posters, CDS, apps, can tell you all about Britney, has seen her house in Beverly Hills and even tans where she does. He's been a fan of hers for 13 years and all he has ever wanted was to see her perform live. Tonight that dream came true and I saw his dreams, hopes and love get destroyed.

This was one of the worst concerts I have ever been too. It felt staged and too rehearsed. I felt like I was watching something from one of her music videos. In fact, I would have gotten greater satisfaction if I had just stayed home and watched her stuff on Youtube. There was no connection with the audience, she seemed awkward on stage, there was no enjoyment in her face, her eyes were empty and expressionless and it seemed like she didn't want to be there. I felt like I was watching someone at work; someone doing their job. The way she was going through the motions reminded me of watching someone go through the motions at a job they hate. We left after only 5 songs. By this time I felt a definately change in the audience. The energy of the audience seemed to go down like a sinking ship. Many people sat down, stopped dancing or crossed their arms. I became bored and was wondering how much longer it would be.

While we were leaving one of the workers said that most people walk out of her concerts and say "she's awful. I can't believe I just spent money to see this." He then said, "that's why she didn't sell out."

The highlight was Nicki Minaj. She had connection with the audience. She had energy. She had life. I felt like I was watching someone truly do what they love to do instead of a walking reanimated corpse. Nicki definately tore it up. She definately has the skills to have her own tour, I hope she breaks away from Britney soon.

The warm up act was horrendous too. Someone named Jesse and the Toy Boys??? I've never heard of her. She was a blonde, Britney wannabe who, like Britney, doesn't know how to sell a song and has zero stage presence. The lousy pre-show of Jesse and the Toy Boys and the horrendous DJs should have been a warning of what was to come.

I think the main reason I want to blog is because I just witnessed someone lose 13 years. I heard someone cry on the phone to their friend. I heard someone say they want to lose LA. I have seen someone become disillusioned with their hero. I never want anyone who may be a fan of my writing or acting to ever feel that way. Whenever I perform I always give my 110%. I never want someone who may see me as a hero to lose that. I never want to be known as average or below average as a performer or celebrity.

Britney, shame on you. Shame on you for taking people's hard earned money and not giving them the best damn show in the world. As my roommate just said, you are nothing but a crook.

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  1. I've never been a Britney fan myself(I do love her song "Everytime" though) I have to admit when she first came out I didn't think she had a strong voice but she could dance, so it's really sad to see her like this her people need to tell her to stop. Sometimes you can't come back. Whitney tried it and it didn't work. Sometime it's just time to let go and do something else.